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  • 8.5 x 11 signed archival print size
  • 11x17 signed archival print size
  • 17x22 signed archival print size

Portraits as Pandemic Evidence’ is a photographic essay created at 5th and Broadway, once the cities’ main commercial area, in downtown Los Angeles - not far from where I live. I make portraits of artists, city workers, downtown dwellers, the homeless, and hipsters — all wearing masks — as a Covid19 visual time capsule.
The mask has become a symbol of personal style during this pandemic and a visual equalizer. I photograph residents who make their way out of their homes, shelters, and hotels for ‘essentials’ during our states lockdown order. Every portrait is made at the same location, on 5th avenue, in the historic section of the downtown core, in front of a black metallic boarded up store front. This visual approach is intentional. By stripping down the environment to a basic black backdrop, the viewer’s gaze is focused on the details and belongings of the individual. The interaction between myself and the people I photograph lasts only a few minutes as COVID is the silent enemy and we don’t want to risk passing it on to one another.


Ink Jet Prints on Hahnemühe Fine Art Paper & Canon Archival inks

8.5 x 11 print size on PhotoRag (Metallic or Bright White finish) for $100.00

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